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How a fresh approach to recruitment helped a Highland accounting firm

Eagle Consulting — now Equiom — wanted to attract talented graduates to become trainee accountants at its Inverness headquarters. Bruce Public Relations developed a whole new approach to recruitment for Eagle, and the results have been great.

Key to this programme was a recruitment video we produced. You can watch it here:


Digital Marketing: a webinar for Highlands and Islands Enterprise

Our Director Laura Bruce was featured in this recent webinar focussed on digital marketing and creating a digital strategy. Entitled “Digital Marketing — Have a future, have a digital strategy” the 45-minute webinar featured a range of topics applicable to businesses within and outside the tourism industry.

Bruce PR helps R & I Cruden become “The Biomass Experts”

R & I Cruden approached Bruce PR to raise awareness of their heating and plumbing business. In particular, they wanted to make potential customers aware of their expertise in renewable heating. A few months prior, the UK government had announced RHI — the ‘Renewable Heat Incentive’. Despite the tremendous value this offered for businesses wanting to install a biomass heating system, there had been little uptake locally.

Strategic advice from Bruce PR helped establish R & I Cruden as "the Biomass Experts"

Strategic advice from Bruce PR included positioning R & I Cruden as “the Biomass Experts”

Bruce PR met with the team at R & I Cruden, and we realised that positioning the firm was key. We developed a communications strategy incorporating amendments to their soon-to-be-launched website, and highlighting how they could use Facebook and Twitter to broaden their reach and raise awareness of their renewable heating offering in particular.

We emphasised that SEO — search engine optimisation — would be crucial in helping potential customers looking for a renewable system to find their Highland-based company, and advised them on ways to ensure their website told the best story possible of what they do.

Branding and Identity

One of our key recommendations was to create an identity for the company based around “biomass”, as this was to be a key component of their business going forward. To highlight their expertise in this emerging area, we incorporated “expert” into our tagline.

We created the tagline “The Biomass Experts” for their marketing materials and created the Twitter account @HighlandBiomass to take optimise results for users searching for this term. We also recommended nominating the company for local business awards.

“That’s great, but we’ve got a presentation to do!”

A slot on the agenda at a meeting with a group of large businesses considering installing Biomass systems created an urgent requirement for a presentation. We helped craft this presentation, and importantly, we created a wonderful analogy to illustrate the initial investment and the pay-back over 7 years. We used a C-class Mercedes Benz!

With a similar cost to a small biomass system, we demonstrated how after 7 years, the Mercedes would be worth relatively little, whilst the Biomass system on the government’s RHI scheme would have generated a net income of more than £70,000! The analogy made a lasting impression, as well as a good business case for investment. Members of the audience are still talking about it, ten months later!


Three years later, the biomass business is booming at R & I Cruden. Further, they have won a number of awards. For R & I Cruden, a small investment in strategic communications advice has paid huge dividends, and we are delighted to have been a part of their success.

Doesn’t your company deserve equally good thinking? If so, please get in touch. We would be delighted to help you shine too!

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