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Is Facebook right for your business?

Facebook can be a powerful tool for some businesses, but is yours one of them?

Facebook can be a powerful tool for some businesses, but is yours one of them?

Facebook may all the rage, but is it the best fit for your particular business?

If you’re not sure if you should be using Facebook for business, we can help.

We can take you through a super-quick, 2-minute quiz so you’ll know once and for all if Facebook will truly help you build your business. . . or if you’re wasting your time, and money.

Click here to set up a free assessment. In just a few minutes, you’ll know whether the latest craze is a good investment for your business. . . or if you should be focusing your attention on a different platform. Don’t waste anymore time — contact us now!

Public relations and social media

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Facebook, Google+, Twitter and Pinterest –it doesn’t really matter which you choose, what matters is that you start

In only a few short years, social media has become a priority for our clients. Gone are the days when your Twitter account was something you did for a bit of fun. Today, social media is a tool that holds tremendous potential. . . for certain types of businesses.

The question is, is yours one of them?

Maximising your company’s presence on social media

Many companies find themselves spending a lot of time on social media, but unsure of the payback. If you’re not sure your social media is paying dividends, take a step back and consider what you hope to achieve. Remember that social media is just one element of your business’s communications. If it’s not returning your investment, you may be using the wrong platform for your business.

Get a free social media audit from Bruce PR

Social media can be an important business development tool. Or it can be a total waste of time. If you’re not sure, we can help. We can advise you on which platforms best suit your business. We can develop a social media strategy that suits your company’s objectives. So drop us a line. We offer a free social media audit. You’ll soon find out where you currently sit vis a vis your competition, and if social media — or another option — will be the best tool to raise your profile.


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