Creating Membership Magic: Tactics for Toastmasters





Is your Toastmasters club struggling to build membership? Do you have trouble getting visitors to come along? Do visitors come to your club, but not become members?

This workshop will give you the tips and tricks you need to attract visitors to your club and convert them to members. Laura Bruce, Past President of Inverness Toastmasters, will share her story of how her club went from only 7 paid-up members in April 2015, to 27 members just 18 months later.

Laura's new headshot CourierShe will share her ACE Formula ™ — a suite of online and offline tools that she used as VP Membership to attract  and engage visitors, and convert those visitors into Toastmasters. She will also share how the humble media release can be a powerful tool to raise the profile of your club.

Who will benefit from this workshop?

  • Any one with a club that is struggling with low member numbers.
  • Any club that attracts visitors but hasn’t been successful in converting them to members.
  • Any club that is facing extinction.

Special relevance to: VPs Membership, VPs PR, Presidents, Area and Division Directors

Come along and learn how to put the ACE Formula ™ to work creating membership magic for  your club!

For more information:

dublin-conference-logo-d71This workshop debuted at the Dubhlinn D71 Toastmasters Conference on Friday 11 November, 2016. It was extremely well-received and I hope that those who attended took away at least one or two tactics they can apply to grow membership in their club. For a copy of the presentation, please contact me here.