Direct-response marketing

We can help you apply the principles of 80/20 to your marketing.

Public Relations? Or Marketing?

Media coverage can help raise your profile and set you apart from the crowd. And while traditional public relations and the media coverage it generates may be benefit larger businesses, what matters most to small businesses is the bottom line.

If you’re a business owner or entrepreneur, you want marketing you can count on, and results you can MEASURE.

Direct-response Marketing

That’s where direct-response marketing comes in. We can help you generate better results, in less time, by applying the principles of the 80/20 rule to your marketing.

Popularised by Perry Marshall in his book 80/20 Sales and Marketing, this approach helps you to reduce the hard work by taking a systematic approach to selling.

Say goodbye to cold-calling

Would you like to put an end to cold-calling? Wouldn’t it be great instead, if your perfect customer contacted YOU? Arrived already favourably disposed to doing business with YOU?

We help small businesses to attract their ideal customers with a range of tips, tricks and tactics. Work with us to become the obvious choice for your target customer.

Laser-precision, clear results

Are you looking to attract a better type of customer? Would you like to target a certain region? Direct-response marketing can help you pinpoint precisely what you are looking for.

From sales letters, newsletters both real and e-news, landing pages, sales pages, and more, we will work with you to develop the materials you need, to create a business you’ll love.

We’ve studied and learned from the best copywriters in the world. Moreover, we understand the systems that make doing business easier, and more rewarding.

Say goodbye to traditional marketing. Say hello to results-driven marketing, with Bruce Public Relations.