#GDPR stupidity and a masterclass you won’t want to miss

GDPR compliance isn’t rocket science. We can help you learn how to use email marketing post-GDPR.

Last night, just a few hours before the world-ending aka 25th May deadline for GDPR compliance ticked over, I got an email from a graphic designer. And when I say “I” got an email, what I mean is, “we” got an email.

The designer had put at least 500 names in the “To” field of the email address. This irritated me for two main reasons. One, I had never joined his email list or consented to received mail from him. I was not a client or customer of his. Secondly, and rather obviously, by putting several hundred email addresses in the “To” field, he had obviously inadvertently — but nevertheless irresponsibly — shared reams and reams of data.

I saw the email on my phone around 8.30pm. I wrote back, “Do you realise what you have done?”

This morning, a reply:

It was a user error but lesson learned! I don’t even hold data and was just trying to do the right thing!!! [bolding mine]

[“A user error”?? How about, “I’m sorry”?! But anyway.]

Here’s the rub: if he doesn’t “hold any data”, how was he able to email me ?? This crucial component of ’cause and effect’ seemed not to come into consideration.

Later last night, another [I presume “mass”] email, this time, thankfully, with no visible addresses in the “To” field. This one apologising for getting it wrong,

But he still doesn’t get it! Listen to this:

While we don’t keep any data here, we have your email address on file so that you may be contacted with regard to quotes, print deliveries, invoicing or payments and general advice.

It’s hard to imagine, that after all this #GDPR hysteria, this graphic designer simply hasn’t a clue.

And in mentioning contacting you about deliveries etc, he also seems not to grasp the key issue of “legitimate interest”.

A solution: Direct Marketing in the post-GDPR landscape

We’re holding a masterclass in GDPR-compliant direct marketing. If you’re a fan of ethical marketing and want to ensure not only that you stay on the right side of the regulations, but that you also ensure you make the most of the best way to generate business, you won’t want to miss our upcoming masterclass.

If you would be interested in learning how to use direct mail post-GDPR, drop me a line. We’re putting together a masterclass on using email the right way, the compliant way, and most of all, the profitable way. Email me to get on the list. 

PS: If you’d like to read some facts about GDPR, here’s a helpful feature from The Guardian. Good luck! And if you want help with email marketing post-GDPR, sign up for our masterclass.

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