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Bruce Public Relations Ltd is based in Inverness, Scotland.

Bruce Public Relations Ltd is based in Inverness, Scotland.

We have been doing PR for a long time. We are quite good at it.

We are fond of words, and recognise the power of words to compel prospects to pick up the phone, click on your link, or help tell your story.

Recently we decided that since life is short, we would focus on the things we particularly enjoy:

We really like helping tourism businesses to grow.

We enjoy copywriting. A LOT.

We find good old media relations very enjoyable and love writing the best media releases in the northern hemisphere. And seeing our clients get exposure and raise their profile through media coverage.

And marketing. We love marketing. We might change our name to include it, because we love it so much. But not ordinary marketing. Oh no. We love the kind of marketing where you see the results of what you do. Quickly. And unequivocally. This is typically known as “direct response marketing” (which should be hyphenated, by the way).

The other side of marketing we really enjoy, is helping businesses to refine what they do to identify new markets, or to better exploit the market they are already in. This is part of our Value Proposition Development service.

Finally, public speaking. Nothing compares to the power of telling your story live, to people who matter. We can help you write a speech, or improve your delivery.

So there you have it. A few of our favourite things. Does anything strike a chord?

We would be delighted to discuss how we can help you. Take the first stepĀ here.

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